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2015 News

October 15, 2016

You Qian joined the lab as a visiting PhD student. She will be working on developing SNP arrays in sugarcane. Welcome You Qian!

September 20, 2016

Farewell to Dr. Lixia Liu. She was a visiting scholar and workded on elucidating mechanisms of root nodulation in peanuts using GFP.

September 11, 2015
Ze Peng published his first paper titled “Molecular marker development from transcript sequences and germplasm evaluation for cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)” from his Master’s research. It is a summary on EST-SSRs (contributed 6000+ novel EST-SSRs) in peanut; annotation and orthology analysis on peanut transcripts; looking into the complex nature of homoeologous SNPs in peanut; and an investigation on genetic diversity of U.S. peanut mini core collection and Florida peanut breeding lines. Congrats Ze!


September 4, 2015
Zifan Zhao joined the lab as a visiting undergraduate student who will be working on disease resistance in peanuts. He will be continuing his Masters degree in the (3+1+1) Chinese Articulation Program. Welcome Zhao!


August 24, 2015
Setphanie Maya, Eric and Bishop joined the lab as an undergraduate volunteers. They will be working on Orange rust in sugarcane.  Welcome Stephanie, Eric and Bishop!

 August 23, 2015
Dev Paudel visited Tamale Polytechnic Institute, Tamale, Ghana for two weeks to give training on "Using R for applied statistics" as part of the Trellis Fund

August 10, 2015

Award: Yu-Chien received travel scholarship award for National Association of Plant Breeders 2015 Annual Meeting. Congrats Yu-Chien!

June10, 2015

Wenlan graduated with a PhD in Environmental Horticulture. Congrats Wenlan!

June 5, 2015

Award: Yu-Chien was awarded the IFAS Travel Grant. Congrats Yu-Chien!


May 25, 2015

Award: Yu-Chien was awarded Paul Robin Harris Memorial Scholarship Award from Agronomy Department. Congrats Yu-Chien!

May 20, 2015
Award: Congratulations to Dr. Wang’s Richard L. Jones New Faculty Research award from IFAS! 

April 15, 2015
Yu-Chien Tseng was awarded the 2015 Gerald O. Mott Award for meritorious graduate students in Crop Science by the Crop Science Society of America. Congrats Yu-Chien!

March 30, 2015
Dev Paudel visited Tamale, Ghana to give training on Proposal Writing as a part of the Trellis Fund .

March 16, 2015
Hai Zhou and Lixia Liu joined the lab as visiting scholars.

Hai brings with him expertise in molecular biology and will be working on fine mapping, cloning, and characterization of genes for peanut nodulation.

Lixia will be applying her expertise to elucidate mechanisms of root nodulation in peanuts using GFP.


January 10, 2015
Ze Peng, Xiping Yang, and Jian Song participated in the  International Plant & Animal Genome XXIII and presented the following posters:
Ze Peng: Molecular Marker Development and Germplasm Evaluation for Cultivated Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Jian Song: Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Discovery in the Large and Complex Saccharum Spp. Genomes through Exome Sequencing
Xiping Yang: Genome-Wide Analysis of NBS-LRR-Encoding Genes in Sorghum and Comparative Sequence Analysis of NBS-LRR-Encoding Genes in Grass Species


January 9, 2015
Ze Peng received the “Best MS Thesis Award” from the Agronomy Department. Congrats Ze!


January 5, 2015
Johny Molestina joined the lab as a full-time Research Assistant to work on the White Mold Project. Welcome Johny!

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