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Graduate students

Wang’s Lab welcomes highly motivated and creative students with research interests in Plant Genetics and Genomics areas to join our research program. Prospective graduate students can apply through the Agronomy Department graduate program, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, or Genetics and Genomics graduate program in the Genetics Institute depending on their specific educational interests. Please contact Dr. Jianping Wang for any further information after referring to those graduate programs.


Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduate students who are curious about plant science research. Inexperienced students will be trained to follow lab routines, use pipettes and basic lab equipment, prepare solutions, extract DNA samples, run gel electrophoresis, and set up PCR before participating in on-going research projects. Students can also enroll in AGR 4905 and work for credits after being trained in the lab.

Other Personnel Services (OPS) / Temporary Employment

Based on lab needs and funding availability, we hire OPS employees who are passionate about science and have experience in plant genetics and genomics. These jobs are typically short term and focus on certain on-going projects.

Postdoc Research Associate

Ph.Ds who desire to advance their academic career in Plant Genetics and Genomics areas are welcome to send their CV to Dr. Jianping Wang to check for any opportunities to join the lab. Those individuals who have a strong publication record and expertise in molecular genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology are particularly encouraged to apply. The competitive applicant will be contacted by email if a postdoc research associate position becomes available. Wang’s lab funding situation allows hiring a postdoc research associate.


Visiting Scholars

Our lab is pleased to host international research scientists or professors with their own funding support to work on collaborative projects, participate in our lab's on-going projects, or to pursue a new interesting project. A J-1 visa can be issued for qualified international scientists. Click here for more information regarding the J-1 visa process at UF.

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